Free report: Octopus Titan – inside the largest VCT

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Archived article: please remember tax and investment rules and circumstances can change over time. This article reflects our views at the time of publication.

At £425 million Octopus Titan is already the largest VCT by some measure. On Monday it announced its intention to raise up to £200 million - the largest fundraise of any VCT ever.

But is largest best?

Pre-order your free research report to form your own opinion. We are looking at the facts, analysing the figures and interviewing the manager.

What will the research report tell you?

  • Performance and dividends – and what's behind them
  • Where might any future growth come from?
  • What type of companies are in the portfolio?
  • Which are the successes and failures to date?
  • Who are the people behind the VCT? 
  • Does size matter? How?

Please remember VCTs can be more risky and illiquid than more mainstream investments. They are not suitable for everyone. Investors should not invest money they cannot afford to lose. Octopus Titan VCT has announced it intends to raise funds, but this is an intention only and might not happen.

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