Managed Portfolio Service – what do you think?

What might a managed portfolio service look like?

A managed portfolio service is a discretionary managed portfolio created and continually monitored by highly experienced professionals. 

• Designed and continually monitored to meet your risk profile

You could choose for yourself an income portfolio or a growth portfolio from conservative to adventurous. Each portfolio will invest mostly in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), but also funds and shares. It would be continually monitored and dynamically rebalanced to ensure it remains within your chosen risk profile: remember investments will go down as well as up and your capital would be at risk. 

• Total annual cost below 1%

Services of this kind could carry charges of around 2-3% a year. Annual costs of 2.5% could wipe out almost half of the potential returns over 10 years compared to annual costs of 1%. 

• Experienced team

The team would have a background in hedge funds, investment banking and institutional fund management, and aim to make institutional techniques available to individual investors.  

• Transparent

You would be able to see all the underlying investments and their performance, receive explanations as to why they’re held and regular updates on what's happening.

Why might you consider this service?

If you feel you don’t have the time to give all of your investments the attention they deserve, manage and review them regularly, a managed portfolio service could be a solution. Equally, if you already invest in a discretionary managed service but don't feel you're getting good value, you might want to look at this. 

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