CamGraPhIC EIS – shareholders' resolution

CamGraPhIC EIS – shareholders’ resolution

Below is a communication from CamGraPhIC Limited ("CamGraPhIC" or "the Company") to its shareholders, including Wealth Club Nominees Limited, the nominee service through which Wealth Club members have invested. 

In January 2022, CamGraPhIC launched a fundraising round, which was expected to be led by a VCT. A number of private investors have applied to invest, but progress to an agreement with the VCT has been slower than anticipated.

The Company is now proposing those private investors invest under an Advanced Subscription Agreement, thereby providing bridge funding whilst the Round completes. You can read more in the Update the Company prepared for those investors (see link below). 

Shareholders are being asked to consent to proceed with the Advanced Subscription Agreement and to make minor changes to the Articles. 

Wealth Club Nominees Ltd will respond on behalf of all Wealth Club investors. Consequently, Wealth Club investors are asked how they would like to vote, to inform the nominee's decision. The nominee will vote in line with the majority of the responses received from the underlying shareholders, as measured by the number of shares owned beneficially by them (see Wealth Club terms, in particular section B5). 

To enable the nominee to respond by the deadline, please reply by Wednesday 1 June 2022.

Important: The information and documents reproduced below have been provided by the Company and have not been reviewed by Wealth Club.

From CamGraPhIC, 18 May 2022

Dear Shareholder,

I am writing to let you know that there has been some development regarding CamGraPhIC fundraising activities – details explained in the Update for Shareholders available below. Some minor changes were also proposed to the Articles. We are now seeking shareholders' consent to take the next step. Our legal advisor Mill & Reeve will shortly invite you or one of your Directors in the case of an organisation, to DocuSign a Written Resolution and Shareholder Consent. I enclosed three documents:

  • CamGraPhIC Update for Shareholders
  • Advanced Subscription Agreement
  • Draft Articles with the proposed changes highlighted

We would appreciate receiving all your responses within two weeks. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Paul Mantle or Mei Hong if you have any questions and queries.

Kind regards

Mei Hong​
Operations Manager, CamGraPhIC Ltd

What to do next

If after reading the above you wish to respond, please complete and submit the form below. 

The deadline for submissions is 1 June 2022. Wealth Club will collate the responses, count them and use them to form its decision. 

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