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EIS Investments

Here is a list of current 2018-19 EIS investment opportunities – including managed EIS funds and single company EIS offers. Click through to read our review of each EIS offer, download the documents and find full details on how to invest.

For many of the leading EIS offers you can apply online – usually the quickest way to make your EIS investment.

EIS investments are riskier than conventional investments so they're not for everyone. Before you invest you should ensure you have read and understood the product's Application Pack, our terms of business, and the Risks and Commitments

Can’t see an offer you are interested in? 

Please email us the offer details and we'll endeavour to add it to the list below. 

Product Sort by value Type Sort by value Sector Sort by value Target return Funds raised / sought Sort by value Minimum investment Sort by value Deadline Sort by value Invest now
Acamar Films Ltd EIS Single company Media 3.12x £1.4 million / £1.4 million £20,000 CLOSED  
Arie Capital Technology EIS fund Fund Technology 2x £10 million sought £10,000 Discretionary  
Boundary Capital AngelPlus EIS

Choice of EIS or SEIS. Invests alongside business angels in early-stage, high growth potential companies carrying high investment risk. The co-investment model has benefits, and the individuals involved have strong credentials.

Fund Various 25% per annum £600,000 raised £20,000 30 March 2019  
Calculus EIS Fund

Calculus Capital has been at the forefront of EIS investing for years, having created the UK’s first approved EIS Fund in 1999. This offer focuses on established businesses with growth potential and will be typically split between eight to ten investments.

Fund Various 2.5x investment £3 million / £20 million £50,000 Discretionary  
CHF Media Fund

CHF Media Fund will invest in companies that own the intellectual property rights (IPR) to newly developed family, or children’s, television shows/concepts. Funds are used to create the IPR, which is then monetised through licensing, merchandising and broadcast sales.

Fund Media 3x investment £3 million raised £20,000 Discretionary  
CityUnscripted EIS Single company Consumer 7.0x £1 million / £1 million £10,044 CLOSED  
Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS

The Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS offers an opportunity to invest in a selected portfolio of healthcare innovation companies, whilst taking advantage of the EIS tax benefits.

Fund Life sciences £1.70 per £1 invested £4.8 million raised £10,000 Discretionary  
Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS

Invests across various technology sectors, including energy, medical and business enterprise software. Transparent – investors can see which underlying companies they will be invested in. Targets a return of £1.60 per £1 invested and should be viewed as at the upper end of the risk scale.

Fund Technology £1.60 per £1 invested £12.5 million raised £10,000 Discretionary  
Earthworm EIS

Environmental EIS fund that invests in businesses focused on processing organic waste (food, garden, wood and/or water waste).

Fund Environmental £1.20 per £1 invested - £10,000 16 January for next allotment  
Foresight Williams Technology

Foresight Group has joined forces with Williams Advanced Engineering: the result is the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. The fund invests into early-stage, unquoted companies that are developing disruptive technology and pioneering innovations, which can benefit from Williams’ technical, engineering and commercial expertise.

Fund Technology Unspecified £28.2 million raised £10,000 Discretionary  
Guinness EIS

EIS portfolio from an experienced manager, investing in a diverse range of businesses

Fund Various £1.25 per £1 invested £24.5 million / £40 million £20,000 22 February 2019  
Imbiba Leisure EIS Fund Leisure 2.5x investment £2.5 million / £10 million £10,000 1 April 2019  
Ingenious Infrastructure Ventures EIS Portfolio Infrastructure £1.25 per £1 invested - £10,000 Discretionary  
Jenson Fund – EIS & SEIS

Jenson's first SEIS first fund was launched soon after the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme was introduced in 2012. This sixth tranche of the Jenson SEIS and EIS fund offers a mixture of new technology investments and follow-on funding into companies previously backed by Jenson SEIS and EIS funds.

Fund Technology 1.85x investment £5 million sought £10,000 None  
Mercia EIS Fund

Mercia EIS Fund invests in early-stage technology and life sciences, seeking to commercialise developments from industry and spin-outs from 19 UK universities. It has a focus on the Midlands, the North of England and Scotland.

Fund Technology & life sciences 3x £30 million sought £25,000 16 Jan 2019  
MMC Ventures EIS Fund

The MMC Ventures EIS Fund focuses on technology-enabled sectors. For instance, it invests in financial and business services, digital media, e-commerce and software solutions for business.

Fund Technology 2–3x investment £28 million raised £25,000 Discretionary  
Oxford Capital Growth EIS

Many consider EIS appropriate for high-risk, high-growth opportunities. Technology companies seem to fit this area well as often they are not capital intensive businesses at launch, but need ongoing rounds of funding to get to market. Oxford Capital typically invest at the first round of institutional funding for these early-stage businesses.

Fund Technology 2x investment £5.1 million raised £25,000 Discretionary  
Oxford Technology Combined SEIS and EIS Fund Fund Technology Unspecified £1.5 million raised £15,000 Discretionary  
Par Syndicate EIS Fund

Par Syndicate EIS is a technology growth EIS fund which co-invests with business angels from Par Equity's well established network. It focuses on the "equity gap" outside London: opportunities that are beyond the reach of an individual business angel but not quite big enough for private equity to be interested.

Fund Various Unspecified - £20,000 Discretionary  
Seneca EIS Portfolio Service

This EIS service invests in later stage, established growth orientated businesses. Each will typically have an annual turnover in the region of £5 million. It is likely investors will invest in a spread of unquoted and AIM listed businesses.

Fund Various £1.60–£1.80 per £1 invested £6.5 million raised £25,000 Discretionary  
Symvan Technology EIS Fund

Symvan focuses on ‘post-seed’ financing: companies too large for angel investors, but too small for lower/mid-market funds.

Fund Technology £2.85 per £1 invested £4 million / £10 million £20,000 Discretionary  
Velocity Technology EIS Fund Technology - £10 million sought £25,000 CLOSED  
Wi-5 Technologies Limited EIS

This EIS gives you an opportunity to invest in Wi-5 Technologies Limited EIS, a Wi-Fi engagement platform. This offer is arranged by West Hill Capital.

Single company Technology 31.6x £8 million / £8 million £50,019 Closing soon  

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