BorrowMyDoggy single company EIS

The business

Most dog owners cannot be with their dogs 24/7. There are also many dog lovers who would like to own a dog, but can’t. BorrowMyDoggy matches the two, solving both problems. Dog lovers volunteer their time to take local dogs for one-on-one dog sitting. Owners get peace of mind knowing their dog is being taken care of by a verified, insured dog lover.

The growth opportunity

BMD is a subscription business. Dog owners pay £44.99 per year and borrowers pay £9.99. Subscriptions are paid in advance, creating a recurring revenue stream.

There are 9 million dogs in the UK and Ireland and BMD estimates around 70% of dog owners use services such as dog sitters, dog walkers and kennels, spending an average of £242 a year, more than five times BMD’s annual subscription. There is a significant opportunity for international expansion in USA and Europe, where there are more than 100 million dogs.

The financials

BMD was founded in 2012 and has received £2.1 million in subscriptions since. It was shortlisted in the prestigious Europas Awards for Best Sharing Economy Start-up.  Founder and CEO, Rikke Rosenlund, was shortlisted for Best CEO.  As of today, BMD has 523,000 members and 58,500 subscribers.  

It forecasts to generate EBIT of £4.4 million on revenue of £10.1 million in 2020. It ambitiously aims to deliver investor IRR of 73% and a cash multiple of 9.5x net cost of investment. The investment is EIS qualifying with advance assurance received.

The details

Min. Investment
Amount Raising
single company EIS

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