Hindsight Media EIS

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Hindsight Media EIS invests in film, TV and video games production companies. Recent projects include Wolf Hall and The King’s Speech. The fund seeks to capitalise on government incentive schemes aimed at encouraging companies in those sectors.


  • Diversified portfolio across film, TV and video games
  • Capital preservation targeted through film and TV tax credits and pre-sales
  • Target return 1.2x investment (not guaranteed)
  • 22 projects previously financed including The King’s Speech and Wolf Hall
  • £10,000 minimum investment

The offer

Hindsight is a media company founded in 2009. Its focus is on the production and finance of film and TV, as well as video games. Collectively, the Hindsight principals have raised $500 million for 50 film and TV projects. They are the media adviser on Hindsight Media EIS.

The key people are:

  • Tim Smith, CEO, has been involved in marketing, financing and production for over two decades. He has held roles at Twentieth Century Fox and Foresight the entertainment agency. He has worked with Buena Vista International, Warner Brothers and Polygram.
  • James Swarbrick, Commercial Director, has raised and managed funds for over 70 productions. 

Enterprise Investment Partners is the manager, an experienced and specialised small cap manager.


There is no direct initial charge to investors, allowing investors to obtain EIS tax relief on the full sum invested.  Fees are instead charged against the underlying companies, including a 3.5% initial charge, 1.0% annual management fee and a 1.5% annual media adviser fee. The performance fee is 25% of net distributions from the fund above a hurdle rate of £1.20 per £1.00 invested.  Please see the provider's documents, including Key Information Document, for more information on fees.


These are investments in unquoted companies which are illiquid and capital is at risk. Investors should not invest money they cannot afford to lose. Alongside the usual risks of investing in EIS there are specific risks. 

  • Operating risk – projects may not be as successful as the team expects.
  • Counterparty risk – if the presales counterparties went out of business the fund would need to find replacements to maintain collateral and security of pre-agreed sales.
  • Management – the success of the fund is down to the team. It needs to commit enough time and focus to ensuring the investment strategy is executed.
  • Tax risk – a change to EIS tax rules could make this investment less attractive. Tax rules can change and tax benefits depend on circumstances.

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The details

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