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We don’t come across this kind of deal often. It's a chance to act before institutional investors and prior to a possible IPO in a leading biotech company, with the additional benefit of EIS tax relief.  

We have negotiated access for Wealth Club investors to participate. However, if you are interested you should consider acting quickly. The offer is expected to close by 31 May and we expect demand to be high.

Interested? Read our report and reserve an allocation now. 

 Investment highlights

  • Leading biotech company raising £3 million under EIS
  • £17 million institutional funding round expected to follow. A state pension fund has expressed interest 
  • Well-established and cash-generative from technology licence sales
  • Significant global roll out opportunities
  • Projected return of the US venture is 18.5x (not guaranteed)
  • IPO on AIM expected in year two (not guaranteed)
  • Minimum investment £10,000 (exclusive to Wealth Club, normally £50,000)

Watch how Unibio’s technology works 

The opportunity

Unibio has developed a patented bacterial fermentation process to convert natural gas into a highly concentrated protein product which can be used as a supplement in animal feed. The global market for animal feed is estimated to be $500 billion.  

If successful, Unibio's product could help solve the global problem of sourcing sustainable protein for the animal feed market. Current sources – soy and fishmeal – have been linked to deforestation of tropical rainforests and pressure on ocean stocks respectively.

The process is proven, the technology patented and the finished animal food is uniform, long-lasting, non-GM and has EU approval. When fed to dairy cattle, tests showed a 10% increase in milk yield. The production of the protein is in place on a commercial scale and multinational animal feed and pet food companies have registered their intent to purchase supply. We understand Unibio is considering an IPO in the next two years.

Private investors have the additional benefit of EIS tax relief, not available to institutional investors. Tax rules can change and benefits depend on circumstances.


Please read our research report and register your interest, without obligation. If you are interested we would suggest you reserve an allocation now.  

How to apply

The offer is expected to close on 31 May 2017 and we expect demand to be high. If you are interested you should:

  • Carefully read the Private Placement Memorandum and ensure you understand the risks
  • Complete your investor registration form for West Hill which is arranging this offer. The form also includes an elective professional client declaration. You need to complete this, even if you are already an elective professional client of Wealth Club. West Hill needs to ensure you have the knowledge and experience to understand the risks

Once you submit the registration form, we will ask you to provide proof of ID and complete a short application form for Unibio (you will also need to have the form witnessed) then make a payment via cheque or online bank transfer. If paying by cheque this needs to be received by the provider by 22 May. More details are in the application form.

This review is not intended to be advice or a personal recommendation to buy the investment mentioned, nor is it a research recommendation. Wealth Club aims to highlight investments we believe have merit, but investors should form their own view on any proposed investment and read the provider's documents carefully.

The details

Single company
Target return
Funds raised / sought
Minimum investment

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