Free guide for high earners: 'Five ways to get tax-free income'

The government seems intent on ‘squeezing high earners until the pips squeak’.

The top 25% of earners produce over half of total UK income, but pay over three quarters of total income tax.

Will the pressure ease? Unlikely. 

So what can high earners do? 

The good news is there are still five main sources of tax-free income higher earners can use. 

Download your free guide to find out. 

This free 15-page guide explains in plain English:

  • How to get your share of £240.3 million of tax-free dividends
  • How you could typically receive £2,500 or more tax-free income over five years without putting your capital at risk
  • How a lifestyle choice can double your tax-free allowances
  • How to get a £60,000 income tax rebate

A word of caution: some of the investments described are not for the fainthearted. They invest in small companies, which are by nature riskier than their larger counterparts. 

The trade-off is that if you are a high net worth individual or sophisticated investor you could enjoy very significant benefits.  

This free guide is not advice, but it explains the main facts you need to know, so you can decide if these opportunities are for you.

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