SEIS Investments

Here is a list of current SEIS offers available for investment. Click through to find our comments, application packs and details on how to invest. For each of our Featured Offers we also provide an extended research note. 

SEIS investments are riskier than conventional investments so they're not for everyone. Before you invest you should ensure you have read and understood the product's Application Pack, our terms of business and the Risks and Commitments

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Product Sort by value Type Sort by value Sector Sort by value Target return Funds raised / sought Sort by value Minimum investment Sort by value Deadline Sort by value Invest now
Alpha RLC Ventures SEIS/EIS Fund Fund Technology 2x £2 million sought £25,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
Boundary Capital AngelPlus SEIS

Invests alongside business angels in early-stage, high growth potential companies across several science-led sectors. The co-investment model has benefits, and the individuals involved have strong credentials.

Fund Various 25% per annum £220,000 raised £20,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
British Design Fund 2 SEIS Fund Consumer 3x £2 million sought £10,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
British Robotics Sidecar Fund Fund Technology 3x £2 million sought £10,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
Deepbridge Innovation SEIS

This new SEIS fund offers a portfolio of five early stage technology businesses, some based at the well-regarded Sci-Tech Daresbury campus in Cheshire.

Fund Technology 2x £1.5 million raised £10,000 Summer 2019 for next allotment  
Deepbridge Life Sciences SEIS

SEIS portfolio offering exposure to around ten very early stage life science businesses. There is a focus on bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and medical technology.

Fund Life sciences 2.5x £1.5 million raised £10,000 Autumn 2019 for next allotment  
Jenson Fund – SEIS & EIS

Jenson's first SEIS first fund was launched soon after the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme was introduced in 2012. This sixth tranche of the Jenson SEIS and EIS fund offers a mixture of new technology investments and follow-on funding into companies previously backed by Jenson SEIS and EIS funds.

Fund Technology 1.85x £1.5 million sought £10,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
Nova Cofoundery SEIS / EIS Fund Fund Technology 2.18x £10 million sought £10,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
o2h Therapeutics SEIS/EIS Fund Fund Life sciences 2.5x £10 million sought £25,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
Oxford Technology Combined SEIS and EIS Fund Fund Technology Unspecified - £15,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
Symvan Technology SEIS Fund 3

An SEIS portfolio of very early stage technology companies.

Fund Technology 2.85x £800,000 / £1.5 million £10,000 Allotting in 2019/20  
Velocity Technology SEIS Fund Fund Technology 2.5x £1.5 million sought £25,000 Allotting in 2019/20  

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