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Edge Performance VCT has opened a new ‘H’ Share Offer. The top-up offer is raising £1.26 million for the ‘H’ Share class, which is an evergreen fund investing in the creative industries sector. The minimum investment is £5,000.


Edge Performance VCT plc was incorporated on 8 September 2005. It focuses on creative industries – media, broadcast, advertising and digital content. It has £38.4 million (31 Aug 2017) net assets across two share classes. 

The ‘I’ Share class is a consolidation of previous planned exit share classes and is fully invested.

The evergreen ‘H’ share class comprises £6.29 million of net assets. It co-invests alongside Edge Creative Enterprise Fund on qualifying opportunities. This is a £40 million Enterprise Capital Fund managed by Edge Creative Capital Ltd, an associated company of the investment manager.

The manager

The VCT is managed by Edge Investments Limited, a specialist creative industries investment manager. To date it has raised nearly £200 million for investments in the creative sector. Its key people include:

  • David Glick, CEO – previously founder of Eatons, the music & entertainment law firm merged into Mischon de Reya. He founded Edge in 2004
  • Steven Carle, Chief Investment Officer – his background is in private equity with 3i and LDC 


The ‘H’ share portfolio currently comprises seven companies in the areas of children’s media, advertising, digital analytics, TV production, digital audio, and user-generated content. They are as follows:

  1. Coolabi
  2. Intent HQ
  3. Mirriad
  4. deltaDNA
  5. audioBoom
  6. Newsflare
  7. Antidote Productions

The most recent investments from the ‘H’ share fund were £500,000 in audioBoom plc, a podcasting technology company (April 2017), and a £45,000 co-investment with the Edge Creative Enterprise Fund in Antidote Productions Ltd., an independent TV production company (November 2017).

Fees & deadlines

The initial charge is 5.0%.

There is an early bird incentive in the form of bonus shares if you apply before certain dates. The issue price will be discounted by 3% for applications before 9 February (5% for existing investors). After 9 February but before 2 March, this discount drops to 1.5% (or 3.5% for existing investors).

The annual management fee is 2.25%; the total annual running costs are capped at 3.75%.

There are performance fees once dividends exceed an average of 7 pence per ‘H’ share per annum – please see the Offer Document and Key Information Document for details.

Unless fully subscribed before these dates the following deadlines will apply: 

  • 9 February 2018 – initial early bird incentive ends
  • 2 March 2018 – subsequent early bird incentive ends
  • 5 April 2018 (5:00 pm) – closing date and allotment of shares

Apply for this offer

To invest, first please download the Offer Document from this page, and then please contact us to apply. 

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