Draper Esprit VCT – manager interview

We meet William Horlick of Elderstreet Investments, fund manager of Draper Esprit VCT.

Will has been managing VCTs since 1998. In the last couple of years a tie-up with Draper Esprit plc has reinvigorated (and renamed) the Elderstreet VCT.  So what are the new investments they're making? What does the legacy portfolio consist of and what benefits does that bring? And how does the tie-up with Draper Esprit work? Watch the interview to learn more.

Please note: the opinions expressed in this video are the interviewee’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Wealth Club Limited. This interview, like our service, is not advice nor a personal recommendation. The products featured are not suitable for everyone and capital is at risk. Tax benefits depend on circumstances and tax rules can change. Remember, past performance is not a guide to the future. Dividends are variable and not guaranteed. If you’re unsure an investment is right for you, please seek professional advice.

Draper Esprit VCT

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