Free factsheet: EIS at a glance

Did you know the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is four times larger than its better-known cousin VCT? In 2014-15 alone, EIS investors claimed income tax relief on £1.3 billion.

What sets EIS apart, and why could wealthy or sophisticated investors consider it? 

This simple two-page factsheet explains in plain English:

  • What EIS is and how it works – at a glance
  • Risks and benefits of EIS investments
  • How to claim up to 30% off your income tax bill when you invest in small companies via an EIS
  • How to defer capital gains – potentially indefinitely
  • The other tax quirks of EIS that set it apart

Download your free factsheet to find out more.

Please note: EIS invest in smaller higher-risk companies. They are not suitable for everyone. They are illiquid and capital is at risk. Investors should not invest money they are not prepared to lose. This free factsheet is not advice, it simply explains the main facts, so you can decide for yourself.