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Retain control of your wealth and save 40% inheritance tax

If you worked hard, saved and invested sensibly all your life, doesn’t it make sense to consider ways to pass more of your wealth to your loved ones?

Small wonder inheritance tax, or IHT, is generally considered the most unfair tax of all. 

It’s a 40% deduction that can apply to many of your assets on death. 

However, careful planning can legitimately reduce or even wipe out completely your estate’s IHT liability. You can pass more on to your loved ones, without the government taking a sizeable cut and without losing control of your assets in your lifetime. 

One of the many ways to shelter your wealth from IHT is to invest in assets that qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR). You can:

  • Invest unlimited amounts in unquoted or some AIM companies 
  • Hold AIM investments in your ISA, so you can benefit from tax-free growth and tax-free income
  • Save 40% IHT on estates worth more than £325,000 under current rules
  • Retain control and ownership of your investment
  • Select investments that aim to pay you a regular income and/or help preserve capital
  • Full IHT exemption after just 2 years – quicker than with most other IHT-mitigation strategies

Estates liable for inheritance tax faced an average bill of more than £170,000, the latest records show. 

And it’s going to get worse, official estimates warn. 40,100 bereaved families are expected to share a total IHT bill of £4.4 billion in the 2015/16 tax year – a 35-year peak. 

When the new ‘main residence relief’ comes fully into effect, in 2020, couples will be able to jointly pass on a home worth up to £1 million tax free. However, despite the increased tax-free allowance, IHT revenues are expected to rise to £5.6 billion by then. 

Happily, investing in IHT schemes is straightforward – just visit the offers page to see the available opportunities. Before you invest you should also ensure you have read and understood the Risks and Commitments. The two-year IHT-exemption clock starts ticking once your funds have been invested.

Please remember IHT schemes are the only IHT-planning solution we offer, but there are others you could consider. If in doubt, please seek specialist advice.

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