Free factsheet: SEIS at a glance

 The Seed EIS (SEIS) offers a chance to invest in Britain’s newest and most exciting companies – and benefit from one of the most valuable set of tax reliefs available.  What is the Seed EIS, and why could wealthy or sophisticated investors consider it?

This simple two-page factsheet explains in plain English:

  • What is the SEIS and how it works – at a glance
  • How it differs from EIS, the risks and the benefits 
  • How to claim up to 50% off your income tax bill
  • How to reduce your CGT bill by as much as half, when you invest gains in an SEIS

Download your free factsheet to find out more…

Please note: the SEIS invests in the smallest highest-risk companies.  These investments are not suitable for everyone. They are illiquid and capital is at risk. Investors should not invest money they are not prepared to lose. This free factsheet is not advice, it simply explains the main facts, so you can decide for yourself.  Tax benefits can change and will depend on circumstances.