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Wealth Club is the UK’s largest investment service for high net worth and experienced investors.

If you are such an investor, our aim is to offer you more compelling and advanced investment opportunities than you normally find through mainstream investment services and financial advisers. 

Clearly tax efficiency is critically important to investors like you. That is why many – if not most – of the opportunities will be government-endorsed, tax-incentivised schemes, such as Venture Capital Trusts, EIS and SEIS investments, forestryInheritance Tax Portfolios and AIM ISAs. As well as tax efficient investments, we also offer unique investment opportunities that are not normally available to retail investors, such as private equity

Our service provides you with detailed, in-depth research on such opportunities. We explain the benefits and risks in clear English, so you can decide for yourself which make sense for you in your situation.

We also have managed portfolios exclusively available from Wealth Club. The Wealth Club Portfolio Service and the Quality Shares Portfolio are two services designed to help more experienced investors grow their wealth in the long term without the hassle of selecting your own investments (we do that for you). Both are available in an ISA, a SIPP or a General Investment Account (GIA). 

Although Wealth Club launched only as recently as 2016, our founding members have years of investment experience. Founder and Chief Executive Alex Davies was a former Hargreaves Lansdown director and shareholder and has been investing in these types of investments for a number of years. 

From the beginning, the media has recognised us and regularly comes to us for comments on tax-efficient investments. Wealth Club is frequently quoted in the FT, Times, Telegraph, MoneyWeek, City AM and Investors’ Chronicle, to name but a few. 

Today we have over 55,000 members who receive regular information from us. Over 11,000 of these are clients and have invested more than £1.2 billion through Wealth Club (July 2023).

The inspiration behind Wealth Club

As is so often the case with new ideas, the inspiration for Wealth Club came from personal frustration. Alex Davies was himself the perfect prospect for such a service.

After leaving Hargreaves Lansdown and selling some of his shares, he looked around for tax-efficient ways to invest in addition to his ISA and pension allowances. He encountered three problems:

  1. The merits of the most valid opportunities were too often obscured by more exotic but dubious ones.
  2. When he tried to assess such merits it was extraordinarily hard to find authoritative, impartial, trustworthy research and information.
  3. Some of the most interesting opportunities came to him through word of mouth rather than established and credible financial services organisations.

To his surprise, he found that really good services designed to help high net worth and sophisticated investors find non-standard and tax-efficient investments were thin on the ground. This led to the idea of Wealth Club.

Wealth Club is a limited company. All but one of its directors and most employees are former Hargreaves Lansdown employees with broad experience in researching investment opportunities and presenting them to clients in a clear and compliant manner. In January 2018 Wealth Club acquired Clubfinance, the execution-only discount broker. The acquisition formed what we believe to be the UK’s largest investment service for high net worth and experienced investors.


In November 2023 Wealth Club won “Best Investment Platform” at the Growth Investor Awards, following similar wins in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. Read more »

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How we select investments

Wealth Club’s investment selection process is informed by two guiding principles:

  1. We only highlight investments we believe have genuine merit.
  2. We only highlight investments whose managers we believe can deliver returns to investors. 
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