Wealth Club Portal

The Wealth Club Portal is the first and only portal where you can see all your alternative investments in one place.

When you invest through us, you simply log in to our Portal and see at a glance the most up to date valuation and your profit or loss. If you invest in tax-efficient products, such as Venture Capital Trusts, the Enterprise Investment Scheme or the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, you can also see how much income tax you could save and how the income tax relief affects the profit or loss. VCTs investors can also see a full tax-free dividend history. 

You can just look at the portfolios or drill down to see each of the underlining investments. 

Whenever available, you can see relevant documents: tax certificates, contract notes, investment updates, EIS3 and SEIS3 certificates. Instead of having to file and keep safe all the paperwork, everything you need is in one place.  

For each investment and holding you have a full history: from the initial subscription, to the share allotment, dividend payments and top ups. 

You can see any investments you’ve made through Wealth Club. But you can also add to the portal VCTs you’ve bought in the past, provided you hold the share certificates. Simply email [email protected] and we’ll tell you how. If you have any questions, call us on 0117 929 0511 Monday to Friday.