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VCT tax-free dividends paid (2017/18, AIC)


Amount EIS investors claimed income tax relief on (2016/17)


Amount protected from IHT through BPR (2015/16)

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Expert panel: Investing in AIM shares

As well as the prospect of investment returns, many AIM stocks are also eligible to be free of inheritance tax after two years – and you can now hold them in your ISA, giving investors three tax benefits in one. But many investors are still suspicious of AIM. Why should you look at it? We talk to three experienced AIM portfolio managers with different approaches: Chris Hutchinson of Unicorn, Justin Waine of Puma and Stephen English of Blankstone Sington. Who typically invests in AIM? How might AIM shares respond to a downturn? And how do you pick AIM shares most likely to succeed? Watch the video to learn more…

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