Investment selection

On this website you'll find VCTs, EIS, SEIS and Inheritance Tax portfolios from most providers. We mark the ones we like best 'Featured'. You'll recognise them because they have a small gold "W" next to their name.  

How do we select these funds?  By always adhering to these criteria.

We only feature investments we believe have genuine merit

VCTsEISSEIS and Inheritance Tax portfolios offer remarkable tax benefits. So it is tempting, but wrong, to focus just on those benefits. 

An investment must be attractive in its own right before we feature it, not just a good way to save you tax. So we want to be as sure of its quality as humanly possible.  

To do this we look at three critical factors.

Does the investment have genuine merit? If it is a portfolio, are the companies in that portfolio poised to deliver its aims? What balance of risks and opportunities do the macro and micro environment present?

Only after rigorously considering these factors do we feature the opportunities we believe should serve you well as an investor.

In short, you will only see investments featured in which we’d happily invest our own money.  

Your potential tax benefits, no matter how great, should only be seen as the icing on the cake. They are a buffer to help diminish the impact of losses and amplify the effect of rewards. 

We only feature investments whose managers we believe can deliver returns to you 

The success of any investment you make depends to a large extent on the fund manager’s ability, knowledge and expertise.  

But we believe this is far truer of tax-efficient investments than more conventional ones like unit trusts. The reason is simple. 

If a unit trust or fund manager makes a mistake or wants to take profits they can easily sell a company. But the manager of a VCT or an EIS fund can’t. They are usually buying unquoted companies which cannot be easily sold on. 

This means the margin for error is much lower – and the fund manager’s competence more vital. So you will not be surprised that we are utterly intent on ensuring managers of featured investments have what it takes in picking unquoted companies. 

This is where in-depth investigation adds real value.

We only feature investments after scrutinising the managers and their teams

Crucially, we don’t find the answers to our questions by relying on research or information supplied by the product provider. We like to question the management teams at length.  

It may sound blindingly obvious, but carefully reviewing how people respond to questions often reveals far more than any report could. You need to know: 

  • Have they the expertise and resources to conduct proper due diligence?  
  • How qualified is their team? 
  • How many investments have they made? 
  • Have they invested during more than one economic cycle? 
  • Have they a track record in successfully exiting previous investments?

The answers to such questions help us identify top-quality managers.  

Of course, we cannot guarantee all the opportunities we feature will be successful. 

But we can and do guarantee that in our considered opinion every investment we feature has genuine investment merit; and the management teams responsible have the ability and expertise to deliver what is promised.

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