Investment selection

On this website you'll find a broad selection of offers for experienced investors, including VCTs, EIS and SEIS offers, Inheritance Tax portfolios and AIM ISAs

The ones we rate most highly are our ‘Featured Offers' – they’re marked with a small gold “W”. This is a shortlist of offers we would choose if we were to pick just a handful of investments of that type from what is available at the time, assessed using a quantitative and qualitative filtering process.

We do this to help you make your own considered investment decisions. It is not a personal recommendation to invest.

It is not possible to “buy” a place as a featured offer – we assess the investment on its investment merits alone.

If an investment stops being a featured offer, this won’t (in most cases) be because we no longer believe it is a good investment, it will just mean that if we had to pick a handful of options at that time, it wouldn’t be one of them. 

How do we arrive at our shortlist?

For funds, such as VCTs and AIM ISAs, we look at investment strategy, process, manager, track record, risk profile, fees and client service – using a mix of qualitative assessment and quantitative analysis.

We update the shortlists regularly. At least twice a year we speak to the manager or management team – in person, by phone or email. 

For featured single company offers, we carry out a review, covering many strands, such as management, commercial and financial and distil our findings into an easy-to-read research report to present the deal to investors so they can make their own investment decisions. We do not verify or audit the Company information.

Remember, all of these offers are considered high risk and you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose: capital is at risk. Tax rules can change, and benefits depends on circumstances. We consider past performance as one of our metrics, but you should be aware it is not a guide to the future.

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