Investment selection

On this website you'll find VCTs, EIS and SEIS offers, Inheritance Tax portfolios and AIM ISAs from most providers. We mark the ones we like best ‘Featured’. You'll recognise them because they have a small gold “W” next to their name. 

We do this to help wealthy and sophisticated investors make their own considered investment decisions. It is not advice nor a personal recommendation to invest.

We look at what is available currently: if we were to invest in three or four investments of that type today, or be happy for friends or family do so, which would they be?

We consider factors such as, but not limited to, past performance, future performance potential, level of risk, experience of the provider or team behind the investment. Have they had exits? How have they dealt with failures? Is it a company  with whom investors will feel comfortable investing? Do we think the investment will deliver what it promises to investors?  

When new offers become available, we re-evaluate.

If an investment stops being a featured offer, this won’t (in most cases) be because we no longer believe it is a good investment, it will just mean that if we had to invest today and only had three or four options, then this wouldn’t be one of them. 

Remember, all of these offers are considered high risk and investors should not invest money they cannot afford to lose: capital is at risk. Tax rules can change and the value of tax benefits depends on individual circumstances. We consider past performance when we review investments, but you should be aware that past performance is not a reliable guide to the future. 

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