Why invest through us

1. The only source of free and impartial commentary on tax-efficient investments

Tired of trawling providers’ websites in search of investment information? Now you can find regularly updated information on VCTs, EIS, SEIS and IHT portfolios all in one place.

  • Choose from over 70 investments from all the main providers – we add new offers most weeks.
  • Watch 35 video manager interviews – we’ve asked managers the questions that really matter. What can an investor expect from the portfolio? What types of business does it invest in? What makes the offer different? How do they try to help investors preserve their capital?
  • Download question-and-answer sessions with the managers
  • Read expert impartial investment reviews – covering the investment strategy, target returns, fees, risks and manager track records.

2. Access investments normally only available through advisers

If you’re happy making your own investment decisions, why pay an adviser?

3. Highly competent, ‘knock your socks off’ service

We believe our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to invest confidently. This is why if you have any questions – no matter how simple or complex – all you have to do is pick up the phone or email us. You will speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about. We can even arrange for you to speak to a member of our investment committee or in some cases directly with the asset manager. Please note, we don’t provide you with advice.

4. It’s easier, quicker and typically cheaper 

We work with providers to make applications short and easy and whenever possible we cut steps out. For instance, we won’t ask you to send us proof of identity or address unless strictly necessary – we’ll do an online check instead. If you need help completing the forms, we can do that too.

In addition, when you invest through us you normally pay less than you would if you invested directly with the provider or through an adviser.

5. See all your investments in one place with the Wealth Club Portal

The Wealth Club Portal is the first and only online portal where you can log in and see all your alternative investments in one place.

Starting with an overview of your portfolio you can then drill down to look at each investment and holding: its cost, latest value, your profit and loss, and the effective return – that’s the profit and loss plus any income tax relief.

Read more about the Wealth Club Portal