Free guide: How to beat the inheritance tax trap

It’s the most hated tax of all. How can you beat it? How can you pass on more to your loved ones? Download your free guide and discover:
  • The basic rules of how inheritance tax works and who might be affected
  • Which simple but costly mistake more than half UK adults make
  • How to potentially spare your estate from IHT without giving anything away
  • How you could pass on your ISA IHT free

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In 2018/19 a record £5.36 billion was collected in IHT. Will your estate be affected? Download your free guide now to discover how you could potentially protect your estate from a 40% IHT charge.  

A word of caution: the investments described are not for the fainthearted. They invest in small companies, which are by nature riskier than their larger counterparts.

The trade-off is that if you are a high net worth individual or sophisticated investor you could keep more of your wealth out of the taxman's hands. 

This free guide is not advice or a personal recommendation, but it explains the main facts you need to know, so you can decide if these opportunities are for you. 

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