Northern VCTs

New 2017/18 offers announced – register your interest below
Northern VCTs – Northern Venture Trust, Northern 2 VCT and Northern 3 VCT – are managed by NVM Private Equity, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Northern Venture Trust is one of the UK's longest-running venture capital trusts, having launched in 1995 shortly after the introduction of VCTs. The three trusts have a combined net asset value of £218 million (March 2017). They invest primarily in unquoted companies, usually exiting through the sale of the business to larger companies in the sector.

  Launched Net Asset Value (31 March 2017)
Northern Venture Trust 1995 £76.9 million
Northern 2 VCT 1999 £71.6 million
Northern 3 VCT 2001 £69.9 million
TOTAL £218.4 million

Source: NVM Private Equity LLP

2017/18 offers announced 

Northern VCTs have announced the intention to raise £60 million in 2017/18 via an offer for subscription of up to £20 million in each VCT. The offers are subject to approval at a shareholder General Meeting which is expected to be held in September.

For the first three weeks the offer will be available to existing shareholders only, before being opened up to new subscribers. The most recent offer, a much smaller top-up in February 2017, was oversubscribed within one day of launch so investors may need to act quickly.

We will provide clients and those on the interest list with the prospectus and application form as soon as it is available. Register your interest below.

The details

Targeted Dividend
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Initial Charge
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Minimum Investment
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WealthClub Saving
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