Managed Portfolios

Make the most of your ISA and SIPP allowance – or invest in a general investment account

If you haven’t yet used your ISA or SIPP this year, we have two options for you to consider – the Wealth Club Portfolio Service and the Quality Shares Portfolio

Both services are designed to help more experienced investors grow their wealth in the long term without the hassle of selecting your own investments (we do that for you). 

As you know, your money in an ISA is free from UK income and capital gains tax. But any unused ISA allowance cannot be carried over – you must use it before the end of the tax year, or lose it. Tax rules can change and benefits depend on circumstances.

Meanwhile, pensions still offer one of the most generous sets of tax relief available, in our view. When you contribute to a pension – such as a SIPP – you could get up to 45% tax relief on the way in (up to £4,500 on a £10,000 contribution), tax-free growth whilst your money is invested and up to 25% tax-free cash when you take money out. Most UK tax residents under the age of 75 are eligible for pension tax relief on contributions. Plus, pensions are not typically subject to inheritance tax, which many could find appealing (you can read more on tax relief in our article). 

If neither ISA or SIPP are an option, you could consider investing in a general investment account. 

Please note: our discretionary Managed Portfolios are long-term investments which can fall as well as rise in value; returns are not guaranteed. They are for investors happy to make their own investment decisions – they are not personal advice. If unsure an investment is right for you, please seek advice.

Wealth Club Portfolio Service

These five portfolios are designed to provide experienced investors with a best-value, sensible long-term home for their wealth. They are the type of portfolio a private bank or wealth manager might build for you – but without the hefty price tag. In fact, you could pay around 40% less than you would if you used an adviser, and roughly the same if managing a typical fund portfolio yourself on a DIY platform.


Quality Shares Portfolio

This portfolio, managed by Wealth Club Head of Equities Charlie Huggins, is specifically designed for people who are genuinely interested in investing. It invests in 15-20 global listed businesses chosen by Charlie for their resilience, financial strength and pricing power. As an investor, you receive an unparalleled level of information, insight and transparency.