IHT Portfolio Offers

Below we list the current IHT offers available for investment. Each is accompanied by a brief commentary. For each of our Featured Offers we also provide an extended research note. 

IHT portfolios are riskier than conventional investments so they're not for everyone. Before you invest you should ensure you have read and understood the product's Application Pack and the Risks and Commitments

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Blackfinch IHT offers investors two slightly different options within the same product, one aiming for higher growth, the other with preservation of capital as the key benefit - neither of which of course are guaranteed. Essentially Blackfinch lend money to two groups: property developers and into the renewables sector.

unquoted £25,000 No  
Deepbridge Inheritance Tax Service

This IHT services seeks to benefit from the predictable and inflation-linked revenue stream available with onshore wind and hydroelectric renewable energy assets. In total the manager has almost £50 million under management, with about £20 million already invested in hydro and wind projects.

unquoted £50,000 No  
Downing AIM Estate Planning Service (outside an ISA)

Judith MacKenzie manages Downing's AIM investments in VCT, IHT and an open-ended fund. Although having different remits all the AIM investments at Downing are managed with the same philosophy. The manager has a private equity-style approach taking significant stakes in companies and offering guidance and support as well as capital. The portfolio will invest in 20-30 companies. The added bonus is an insurance policy covering losses up to 20% in the first two years. This is worthy of consideration.

AIM £50,000 (can be combined with the Downing AIM Estate Planning Service NISA) Yes  
Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure IHT Service

Guinness has considerable expertise in sustainable projects with a special focus on solar and wind investments. Solar energy can provide a predictable and inflation-linked long term revenue stream.

unquoted £25,000 No  
Mariana Estate Planning Solution

Centred around the construction of anaerobic digestion sites, Mariana’s offering is founded upon an exclusive relationship they have with a food processing arm of a major FTSE 100 company. Funds are used generally to finance development. With this product, as the site is built and rises in value, a client will participate in this upside.

unquoted £25,000 No  
Octopus Inheritance Tax Service

This unquoted inheritance tax product looks to invest in companies with predictable revenue streams which have the aim of delivering a return of 3% per annum. The companies invested in are solely owned by investors in Octopus products. These companies could be in many sectors including lending against property.

unquoted £25,000 No  
Oxford Capital Estate Planning Service

With five investment options, this IHT Portfolio gives an investor a choice of strategies. Investment objectives available include income, capital growth or a combination.

unquoted £25,000 No  
ProVen Legacy

Managed by Mark Taylor of Beringea, this new launch seeks to raise £20 million to lend to asset-rich small and medium sized companies. Two types of lending are offered: secured lending against a specific asset within the business and leasing finance, for use often with companies purchasing technology equipment. The target return is 3% per annum after all fees and a growth or income option is available.

unquoted £10,000 No  
Puma AIM IHT Service (outside an ISA) AIM £15,000 Yes  
Seneca Inheritance Tax Service

At the heart of the Seneca Inheritance Tax solution is capital preservation but equally it aims for an annual uplift in the net asset value of each investee company of 4%. Seneca make loans to qualifying companies via a portfolio approach to lending. Four investment pillars are central to guiding their lending: diversification, credit policy, prudence and asset security.

unquoted £50,000 No  
Stellar Estate Planning

This IHT portfolio looks to generate a target income return of 4.5% per annum whilst protecting capital by investing in asset backed businesses. Stellar Estate Planning intends to acquire freehold or long leasehold interests in hotels outside of London leveraging the expertise of their partners Hetherley Asset Management.

unquoted £25,000 No  
Stellar Succession

Stellar will set up a company for any investor in Stellar Succession. The investor will be the sole shareholder of the company which will participate in five trades: forestry, farming, hotels, bridging finance and renewable energy.

unquoted £40,000 No  

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