Enterprise Investment Scheme

When you invest in young, small firms that qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) the taxman rewards you with significant savings. 

The big reward, of course, is that one of these firms might be a rising star. But that’s far from certain. In the meantime you could certainly enjoy some other very valuable rewards: 

  • Save up to 30% on your income tax bill – up to £300,000 per year (or £600,000 when investing in knowledge-intensive companies)
  • Very generous allowance – up to £1 million or £2 million if anything above £1 million is invested in knowledge-intensive companies
  • Enjoy tax-free growth
  • Defer capital gains from other investments – potentially indefinitely
  • Offset any future losses against your income, so you save income tax
  • Pass on your investment free of IHT 

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The richest 1% of tax payers pay a quarter of all income tax; the top 10% of taxpayers pay 60% of the total. This burden is set to become even greater: more tax to pay, fewer tax shelters available. 

EIS investments, for the time being, are a rare exception – and investors have not been slow to take advantage. 

Investing in an EIS is straightforward. Simply look at the available offers, download your chosen EIS application pack, complete and return it to Wealth Club with your cheque payable to the relevant provider. Please ensure you have also completed the Investor Declaration on the last page of the application pack. Before you invest you should also ensure you have read and understood the Risks and Commitments

We will check and acknowledge your application and forward it to the relevant provider. In due course, the provider will send you your share certificate, along with the EIS3 form which you will need to claim your income tax rebate. This could take several months. 

Featured EIS offers

Our favourite EIS offers: opportunities with genuine investment merit above and beyond the tax benefits and whose managers we believe can deliver returns to investors. Read more about featured offers.

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