EIS Offers

Below we list the current EIS offers available for investment. Each is accompanied by a brief commentary. For each of our Featured Offers we also provide an extended research note. 

EIS investments are riskier than conventional investments so they're not for everyone. Before you invest you should ensure you have read and understood the product's Application Pack and the Risks and Commitments

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Blackfinch Media Portfolio

This media EIS looks for predictable revenue streams to underpin investment. Music publishing, tv production and distribution companies will be the focus. It looks to benefit from music royalty payments and the sale of broadcast rights.

£25,000 Growth uncapped media discretionary  
Calculus EIS Fund

Calculus Capital has been at the forefront of EIS investing for years. It created the UK’s first approved EIS Fund in 1999 and won ‘Best EIS Fund Manager’ at the Growth Investor Awards 2016, and EIS Association Awards three years running. This offer focuses on established businesses with growth potential and will be typically split between eight to ten investments.

£50,000 Growth uncapped EIS portfolio evergreen  
CHF Media Fund

CHF Media Fund will invest in companies that own the intellectual property rights (IPR) to newly developed family, or children’s, television shows. Proceeds from fundraising are used to monetise the IPR. Sir David Jason sits on the board of CHF Media Group as a non-executive director.

£20,000 Growth uncapped media discretionary  
Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS

Invests across various technology sectors, including energy, medical and business enterprise software. Transparent – investors can see which underlying companies they will be invested in. Targets a return of £1.60 per £1 invested and should be viewed as at the upper end of the risk scale.

£10,000 Growth uncapped technology discretionary  
Digme Fitness EIS

This EIS gives you an opportunity to invest in Digme Fitness, an established boutique fitness studio operator providing Spin (indoor cycling) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions.

£20,000 Growth £3.6 million consumer 30 Nov 2017  
Downing Ventures

Downing's newest venture is growth-focused aiming to invest into a portfolio of technology businesses. Consumer internet, defence technology, software as a service and life sciences will be particular focuses.

£15,000 Growth £15 million early stage discretionary  

Earthworm is an asset and contract-backed EIS fund that invests in businesses focused on processing organic waste (food, garden, wood and/or water waste).

£10,000 Asset backed uncapped environmental discretionary  
Foresight Williams Technology

Foresight Group has joined forces with Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited: the result is the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. The fund invests into early-stage, unquoted companies that are developing disruptive technology and pioneering innovations, which can benefit from Williams’ technical, engineering and commercial expertise.

£10,000 Growth £20 million technology discretionary  
Guinness AIM EIS

Launched in 2013, the Guinness AIM EIS is an EIS portfolio investing in AIM-listed EIS-qualifying companies. This means the investment should be easier to realise than the unquoted companies typically included in a EIS portfolio, although remember AIM shares are still illiquid and volatile.

£20,000 Growth £10 million AIM discretionary  
Jenson Fund 5 - EIS & SEIS


£10,000 Growth £5 million early stage discretionary  
London Digital Games Ltd single company EIS

London Digital, a games business, seeks to raise £4 million under EIS to support the design, development and distribution of PC and console video games. Investors could benefit from 30% EIS income tax relief. Additional downside protection is provided by 20% Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) and a publishing contract with 50% minimum sales assurance.

£10,000 Growth £4 million media discretionary  
Mariana Waste Management EIS £25,000 Asset backed £20 million environmental Early bird discount to 15 December 2017
Mercia Growth Fund 8

Mercia Growth Fund 8 invests in early-stage technology and life sciences, seeking to commercialise developments from industry and spin-outs from leading UK universities. It has a focus on the Midlands, the North of England and Scotland.

£25,000 Growth £15 million technology discretionary
MMC Ventures EIS Fund

The MMC Ventures EIS Fund focuses on technology-enabled sectors. For instance, it invests in financial and business services, digital media, e-commerce and software solutions for business.

£25,000 Growth uncapped generalist discretionary  
Odexia Consumer Brand Fund

This is an interesting new EIS offer. Led by Carl Atkinson, this aims to invest in up and coming consumer brands. Mr Atkinson has previous been instrumental in the success of hair straightener company GHD and the turnaround of Neal's Yard. This higher risk offer will look to back companies in a mix of sectors including food and beverage, beauty products and personal care.

£25,000 Growth £10 million consumer discretionary  
Oxford Capital Growth EIS

Many consider EIS appropriate for high-risk, high-growth opportunities. Technology companies seem to fit this area well as often they are not capital intensive businesses at launch, but need ongoing rounds of funding to get to market. Oxford Capital typically invest at the first round of institutional funding for these early-stage businesses.

£25,000 Growth uncapped generalist discretionary  
Par Syndicate EIS Fund

Par Syndicate EIS is a technology growth EIS fund which co-invests with business angels from Par Equity's well established network. It focuses on the "equity gap" outside London: opportunities that are beyond the reach of an individual business angel but not quite big enough for private equity to be interested.

£20,000 Growth discretionary technology discretionary  
Seneca EIS Portfolio Service

This EIS service invests in later stage, established growth orientated businesses. Each will typically have an annual turnover in the region of £5 million. It is likely investors will invest in a spread of unquoted and AIM listed businesses.

£25,000 Growth uncapped generalist discretionary  
Seneca Managed Storage Fund 3

We consider this a good opportunity to invest in an EIS-qualifying asset-backed managed storage fund operated by an experienced team and fund manager with strong regional presence and knowledge of the market.

£15,000 Asset backed £10 million storage None  
Silver Lining Screen EIS Fund £10,000 Growth £10 million media discretionary
Startup Funding Club EIS / SEIS Fund

The Startup Funding Club SEIS/EIS fund does what the name suggests: it invests in UK start ups, alongside its network of business angels. It has shown encouraging signs to date, although past performance is not a guide to the future. Minimum investment £5,000

£5,000 Growth £5 million early stage discretionary  
Sterling Suffolk EIS see review Growth £5 million environmental 30 Mar 2018  
West Berkshire Brewery £10,000 Growth CLOSED single company EIS CLOSED  

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