Puma AIM IHT Service (outside an ISA)

This discretionary portfolio service, available both within an ISA wrapper or without, is run by Shore Capital. Shore Capital manages £800m across real estate, development capital and tax efficient investments. It has been involved with AIM since its inception.

Typical investments include Patisserie Holdings, FW Thorpe and Mattioli Woods. 

You may be familiar with Patisserie Holdings – the parent company of Patisserie Valerie, Druckers, Philpotts, Baker & Spice. But who are FW Thorpe and Mattioli Woods? FW Thorpe designs, manufactures and sells globally professional lighting. The company has a market capitalisation of £242.96m (as at 12 July 2016) and is run by Andrew Thorpe whose grandfather founded the business. Mattioli Woods is a wealth manager, pensions and employee benefit adviser.  

These companies are all high-margin businesses and fit Puma’s investment criteria. Read our full review of the portfolio here.


An unusual but perhaps welcome feature is a sliding fee scale. The more you invest, the lower the charge.

  • Less than £500,000: 4% initial charge and 2% ongoing charge
  • £500,000–£1,000,000: 3.5% initial charge and 1.75% ongoing charge
  • £1 million or more: 3% initial charge and 1.5% ongoing charge

The details

Min. Investment
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