British Smaller Companies VCTs

These offers are now fully subscribed
Deadline: 6 Mar 2017

British Smaller Companies VCTs, managed by YFM Equity Partners, are among the UK's longest-running venture capital trusts. The first British Smaller Companies VCT was launched in 1996 and VCT2 followed in 2000. They have a combined net asset value over £160 million at the most recent valuation.

The management team aims to invest in a blend of traditional and innovative smaller companies, including unquoted companies.

Top-up offers

British Smaller Companies VCT 2 opened a £4.25 million top up offer for existing shareholders on 3 January 2017. By 10 January 2017 the offer was fully subscribed.

British Smaller Companies VCT opened a £4.25 million top-up offer for existing shareholders on 10 February 2017. The offer closed on 6 March 2017 and was oversubscribed, therefore applications are being selected by ballot; investors can expect to be notified on or around 13 March 2017.

The details

Targeted Dividend
Initial Charge
Minimum Investment
6 Mar 2017
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