Charlie Huggins, Wealth Club Quality Shares Portfolio

Charlie Huggins talks to founder Alex Davies about the new Wealth Club Quality Shares Portfolio – a discretionary share portfolio managed by Charlie exclusively for Wealth Club investors. In this interview:

  • What does this discretionary share portfolio aim to offer investors?
  • Three things that differentiates Charlie’s approach
  • Definition of a great business
  • Company examples, including Diploma plc and Croda International
  • The types of companies Charlie will avoid
  • How important are share prices / company valuations?
  • Why hold a small number of companies?
  • Why culture is so important in a company – and how to assess it
  • A day in the life of a fund manager
  • Views on the fund management industry as a whole

Why might experienced investors consider the Quality Shares Portfolio as part of their overall strategy? Watch the video now to learn more…

This interview outlines Charlie’s investment views. It is not advice nor a personal or research recommendation to buy, sell or hold any of the investments mentioned. Experienced investors should form their own considered view or seek advice if unsure. Charlie personally holds shares in Croda and Diploma. The portfolio is a concentrated equity portfolio designed for high net worth or sophisticated investors: your capital is at risk. If you’re unsure an investment is right for you, please seek professional advice. 

Wealth Club Quality Shares Portfolio

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