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Update (20 Aug 2020) – Stellar Asset Management expands AIM service 

Stellar Asset Management has announced the appointments of fund manager Stephen English as its AIM fund manager and Phil Kirwan as AIM manager. The aim is to bring Stellar’s AIM stock-picking and portfolio management in-house.

Both join Stellar from Liverpool-based stockbroker Blankstone Sington on 1 September. 

Please note, the review below will be updated as soon as more details become available, and product documents and application form will be added to this page. In the meantime please register your interest here. 

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This AIM ISA offer from Stellar Asset Management invests in AIM stocks which should qualify for Business Property Relief. After two years the investment should become IHT free. An optional insurance policy offers protection against falls in value. 


  • 40-stock portfolio
  • Optional insurance policy option can help protect against market falls
  • £20,000 minimum
  • Available both in an ISA and outside an ISA

Important: The information on this website is for experienced investors. It is not advice nor a research or personal recommendation to invest. If you’re unsure, please seek advice. Investments are for the long term. They are high risk and illiquid and can fall as well as rise in value, so you could get back less than you invest.

The offer

The Stellar AIM IHT portfolio has been running since 2008. It invests in a portfolio of 40 AIM quoted companies, all of which should, in the opinion of the manager, qualify for Business Relief.


Stellar looks to hold 40 companies across eight sectors. The only sectors they exclude are utilities, oil and gas. The full sector breakdown can be seen below.

Source: Stellar, valuations as of 5 May 2019

Annual performance

  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Stellar AIM IHT Portfolio 38% -2% 30% 10% 12% -17%
FTSE AIM All-Share 20% -19% 4% 17% 24% -18%

Source: Stellar, per calendar year but running to 5 January each year, ending January 2019. Shows total return, inclusive of dividends, net of management fees and commission. Past performance is not a guide to the future. Note this is the model portfolio performance: every client's portfolio will be slightly different

Optional insurance

Stellar offers an optional life insurance policy through AIG, known as ESP Plus, at an additional cost of 0.5% to 2%, depending on the level of cover taken. The policy covers any loss should the initial investment have fallen in value at the time of death. There are a few conditions – you need to be under 80 years old when you invest and you will need to confirm a few health details. The maximum insurance per individual is £100,000 (equivalent to an investment of £250,000). 

Risks – important

This, like all investments available through Wealth Club, is only for experienced investors happy to make their own investment decisions without advice.

AIM IHT portfolios are high-risk so should only form part of a balanced portfolio and you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Before you invest, please carefully read the Risks and Commitments and the offer documents to ensure you fully understand the risks. 

AIM stocks can be hard to sell, particularly at the smaller end of the market, and can be illiquid. AIM shares can be very volatile especially if the market falls sharply. The difference between the buying and selling price of AIM-listed shares is often wider than the spread for shares listed on the main market.

Tax rules can change and benefits depend on circumstances. Eligibility for BPR is assessed at the date of death and will depend on the companies in the portfolio remaining qualifying.  Broadly speaking, you will need to have held a BPR qualifying stock for at least two years and still hold it on death to qualify.

Treasury review

A previous Chancellor requested a review of IHT to simplify the tax system. A report was published in July 2019, but this has not yet led to any rule changes. Please remember, tax rules can and do change and benefits depend on circumstances.

Fees and charges

A summary of the main charges and savings is shown below. The investment may have additional charges and expenses:  Please see the provider documents for more details. If you would like a full breakdown or a personal illustration, please let us know.

Full initial charge 0.5%
Wealth Club initial saving
Net initial charge through Wealth Club 0.5%
Annual management charge 0.75%
Administration charge 0.25%
Additional insurance charge 0.5-2%
Dealing fee 1%
Performance fee
Exit fee
All fees and charges are stated exclusive of VAT, which may be applicable in some cases.

See example of the total charges over 5 years

How to invest

We are awaiting new information and documents from Stellar following the change in management arrangements. In the meantime, please register your interest here and we will contact you as soon as full details are available.

Wealth Club aims to make it easier for experienced investors to find information on – and apply for – tax-efficient investments. You should base your investment decision on the provider's documents and ensure you have read and fully understand them before investing. This review is a marketing communication. It is not advice or a personal or research recommendation to buy the investment mentioned. It does not satisfy legal requirements promoting investment research independence and is thus not subject to prohibitions on dealing ahead of its dissemination.

The details

Portfolio size
£70.0 million
Average market cap
£851.0 million
Initial charge
Saving via Wealth Club
Net initial charge
Last updated: 28 June 2019

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