What might higher interest rates mean for investors?

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Interest rates are at the highest they’ve been for 15 years and this is having profound implications for everyone: the economy, companies and investors.

How might investors position themselves for this new environment? We discuss this with Charlie Huggins, manager of Wealth Club’s Quality Shares Portfolio, in our latest video interview.

Important: The information on individual company shares represents the view of Charlie as portfolio manager but it is not a personal recommendation to buy, sell or hold shares in any company. Experienced investors should form their own considered view or seek advice if unsure. Charlie personally holds shares in Diploma, Roper Technologies and RELX. This article is original Wealth Club content.

Interview with Charlie Huggins – What might higher interest rates mean for investors? (recorded Aug 2023)


Watch the video to hear Charlie’s views on:

  • The impact of higher interest rates on the economy and markets
  • Which companies and sectors might be most vulnerable to higher rates
  • How he is positioning the Quality Shares Portfolio in response
  • Where interest rates might go next 

Charlie also offers his thoughts on several companies, including two stock market darlings, a UK housebuilder, a takeaway delivery firm as well as several holdings from the Quality Shares Portfolio. He explains why he thinks higher interest rates could be a major headache for some, but a blessing in disguise for others. 

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