How do we screen single company deals?

All the single company deals we make available to our members have been carefully reviewed either by us or by reputable and established counterparties, to make it easier for you to decide whether to invest. 

Wealth Club has a team of experienced corporate finance executives: qualified accountants with over 50 years of experience in private equity and venture capital. 

We see a large volume of deals, around 600 a year. From these, after a preliminary review, we shortlist those that look potentially credible in our view. Only a handful – around 2% – progress into our more detailed review process, covering many strands, such as management, commercial and financial. We distil our findings into an easy-to-read review to present the deal to investors: note this is not a personal recommendation to invest.

In many cases, our investors co-invest alongside institutions, from global corporations including Bayer Pharmaceutical, Hinduja Group, Mitsubishi and Saint-Gobain to financial institutions such as WestBridge Fund Managers, Amadeus Capital Partners, and Gresham House, as well as a variety of family offices and ultra-high net worth investors. We also work with highly regarded corporate finance boutiques, such as West Hill Corporate Finance. Post investment we typically have Board Observer rights, information rights, EIS protections and other consent and reserved matters. We aim to update our investors biannually.

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What do we look for in our deals?

We don’t focus on any particular sector. We are selective and aim to only introduce high-quality, high-potential companies to our investors, although as with all early-stage companies, these are high-risk investments. The companies for which we raise money must all have some important characteristics. 

1. The management 

We look for experienced and ambitious people, preferably who have previously achieved success in a relevant venture and have invested significant amounts of their money into the business. They must be fully committed, have in-depth knowledge of their sector and market and a clearly articulated business plan. Supporting the management team, we look for an accomplished professional Board demonstrating strong corporate governance and accountability. 

2. The business 

We look for businesses offering a credible solution to a real problem that we believe capable of significant scale and rapid growth. We prefer revenue-generating, B2B, capital-efficient companies, with a differentiated market approach and defensible market position. 

3. The market 

The market needs to be large enough and growing – the business must have a well-defined, proven method to access it and clear potential exit options.

4. The financials 

We look for businesses with high-quality earnings, potential for good margins and cash generation and a clear path to profitability and ultimately, an exit (not guaranteed).

5. Investment appeal 

We look for businesses that can be built in manageable chunks, are capital efficient and don’t need to dominate the world to be successful. The valuation must be reasonable, in our view, and the target returns should reflect the level of risk to which investors are exposed. 

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