About Wealth Club – the investment service for high net worth individuals

New rules are placing high earners in the firing line and significantly increasing their tax burden:

  • Cuts to pension allowances and tax relief
  • An increase in dividend tax
  • A reduction in mortgage interest tax relief on buy-to-let properties
  • A hike in stamp duty on buy-to-let properties

So what could high net worth and sophisticated investors do? 

There is a choice. We can sit and watch the raid on dividends, pensions and buy to let or we can explore less mainstream investment opportunities. 

They're riskier than many conventional investments, so not for everyone. That said, they offer remarkable tax benefits, including up to 50% income tax relief, 50% capital gains tax relief and tax-free dividends. 

Wealth Club can help you navigate this risky area by providing impartial information so that you can make your own investment decisions. 

This video is not advice nor personal recommendation. The investments mentioned are not for everyone. You could lose the money you invest. Tax benefits depend on circumstances and tax rules can change.

Why invest through Wealth Club?

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