VCT Offers

Below we list the current VCT offers available for investment. Each is accompanied by a brief commentary. For each of our Featured Offers we also provide an extended research note. 

VCTs are riskier than conventional investments so they're not for everyone. Before you invest you should ensure you have read and understood the product's Application Pack and the Risks and Commitments

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Albion VCTs

Albion is one of the longest established VCT managers. This offer allows investment into six of their existing VCTs. There is a broad spread of underlying investments in earlier stage technology, more mature asset backed businesses, renewable energy, healthcare and education. There is a strong credible team managing these.

Amati & Amati 2

Paul Jourdan, Amati's lead manager is a 16 year veteran of investing in smaller companies and launched his first VCT in 2005, which is now called Amati AIM VCT. Dr Jourdan has adapted his approach over the years and now focuses on companies that are cash-generative and growing. After two years the companies should also qualify for IHT exemption. This VCT is worthy of consideration.

Calculus VCT

The Calculus VCT looks for established businesses across a diverse range of sectors. It aims to provide an annual dividend of 4.5% of NAV from the first year of investment. Current holdings include Metropolitan Safe Deposits and Hampshire Cosmetics. Calculus was established in 1999 and has over £120m under management.

Downing FOUR VCT – Generalist 4.0% (from year four) 4.0% £5,000 5 Apr 2017 2.25%  
Downing FOUR VCT – Healthcare

This new share class for the longstanding Downing Four VCT is looking to raise £10 million (with a further over-allotment of £10m) to invest in early-stage healthcare, biotechnology and life sciences businesses. Downing is the overall manager, but will use the skills of specialist healthcare investor BioScience Managers to source and manage deals.

4.0% (from year four) 4.0% £5,000 5 Apr 2017 2.25%  
Elderstreet VCT 4-5p per Ordinary Share 5.5% £6,000 5 Apr 2017 2.5%  
Foresight 3 VCT variable 3.0% £3,000 5 Apr 2017 3.0%  
Foresight Solar and Infrastructure VCT

This VCT will focus on overseas solar assets and investments into smart energy meters. An interesting addition to the VCT market coming from an experienced team, this will be one of the last to benefit from solar investments.

3p from year 2 5.5% £3,000 4 Apr 2017 3.0%  
Foresight VCT

This generalist VCT has the enviable record of being the best performing VCT of all time in terms of investor total return, although of course past performance is not a guide to the future. There is a broad mix of investments within the portfolio including technology, greentech, software and many other sectors. Foresight is one of the leading private equity groups in the UK.

Hargreave Hale AIM VCT 1 & 2

Giles Hargreave is one of the best known smaller company fund managers in the UK. His record speaks for itself, although clearly there is no guarantee he can repeat his performance. These VCTs are long standing and invest in a diverse range of businesses.

Maven Income & Growth 6

Maven is one of the premier VCT managers. Although this is the smallest VCT in its range, nonetheless it benefits from one of the strongest teams in the sector. Unlike many VCT managers, Maven has a wide UK coverage with 6 offices around the country. It has a particular specialism in energy. This VCT is worthy of consideration.

Northern VCTs (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) 31 Mar 2017 (CLOSED)
Octopus AIM & AIM 2 VCTs

This is a top up offer to the long-standing Octopus AIM VCT and Octopus AIM VCT 2. Combined they have over £158 million of assets; each VCT has around 70 holdings. Investors can choose to allocate 100% to either VCT, or split them across both.

Octopus Apollo

Investors will buy into a VCT with over £100 million of assets. Stability of capital is seen as more important than high growth. Investments in healthcare and renewable energy are key aspects of this portfolio.

Octopus Titan

Recent rule changes should have little impact on this VCT as it has always been focused on earlier stage growth-oriented companies. This huge VCT, at over £300 million in size, has around 60 companies across a wide range of sectors. The focus is on backing talented entrepreneurs. It has had some notable winners in the past including Zoopla, SwiftKey and Graze.

ProVen Growth & Income (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) 5 Apr 2017 (CLOSED)  
Triple Point Income VCT (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (CLOSED) 31 Mar 2017 (CLOSED)  
Unicorn AIM VCT

Unicorn is a specialist smaller company fund manager. This VCT has been a consistent long-term performer. The managers look for companies with strong cash flows and potential to pay and grow dividends over time. This is a large, well-diversified VCT and is worthy of consideration.


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