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VCT Offers

Here is a list of current VCT offers open for investment. Click through to read our review of each VCT, watch video interviews with the managers, download application packs and find full details on how to invest.

The Wealth Club saving includes the discount we offer plus any early bird saving from the VCT. 

VCTs are riskier than conventional investments so they're not for everyone. Before you invest you should ensure you have read and understood the product's Application Pack and the Risks and Commitments

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Albion VCTs

Albion Capital (formerly Albion Ventures) manages six VCTs; it is one of the longest established VCT managers. The funds have a broad spread of underlying investments in earlier-stage technology, more mature asset backed businesses, renewable energy, healthcare and education, and a strong credible team managing these.

Generalist 4.6% to 6.3% 2.5% - 2.5%   £23.6 million / £38 million 31 Jan 2018 (next allotment)  
Amati VCTs

Amati's lead manager Dr Paul Jourdan is a veteran smaller companies investor. These two AIM VCTs have had a strong run of late, which provides both evidence of a strong stock picking approach and grounds for caution regarding future performance. We like the absence of performance fee.

AIM 5% to 6% 3.0% 2.0% 1.0%   £6.5 million / £20 million 4 Apr 2018  
Baronsmead VCTs

Baronsmead VCTs are among the longest running VCTs, investing since 1995 in a diverse portfolio of UK growth businesses. Companies can be unquoted or listed on AIM.

Generalist - - - -   £43.7 million / £45 million CLOSED  
British Smaller Companies VCT 2

A strong offer from an experienced and successful management team. Previous offers have reached capacity rapidly. Considering the low fundraising targets, we expect the current offer to sell out promptly.

Generalist Discretionary 4.5% 2.125% 2.375%   £3.3 million / £4.4 million 2 Feb 2018 for existing shareholders  
Calculus VCT

The Calculus VCT invests alongside the long-established Calculus EIS fund, which launched in 1999, offering a lower entry point for investors seeking Calculus’ approach to building a broadly diversified portfolio. In 2017 the VCT merged with Neptune Calculus VCT.

Generalist 4.5% 5.0% 2.85% 2.15% 0.10% £450,000 / £5 million 2 Feb 2018 for early bird saving  
Downing ONE VCT

A blend of AIM companies, earlier stage growth opportunities and asset-backed deals from an established VCT manager.

Generalist 4.0% 4.0% 2.75% 1.25%   £10.3 million / £20 million 28 Feb 2018  
Elderstreet Draper Esprit VCT

Diverse VCT portfolio with a focus on growth businesses, particularly in software and computer services. A merger with Draper Esprit should enhance deal flow and opportunities to invest in larger more established businesses.

Generalist 3p to 4p per share 5.5% 3.5% 2.0%   £150,000 / £10 million 14 Feb 2018 for early-bird saving  
Foresight 4 VCT

Foresight 4 VCT plc has a long history of takeovers, mergers and diverse investment mandates. The Foresight 4 VCT has merged with its smaller sibling, Foresight 3 VCT, and will together raise £50 million, with an over-allotment facility of a further £50 million.

Generalist Discretionary 5.5% 3.0% 2.5% 0.10% £9 million / £50 million 5 Apr 2018  
Hargreave Hale AIM VCT 2

The smaller of the two Hargreave Hale AIM VCTs is now using its overallotment facility, raising up to £7.5 million.

AIM - - - -   - CLOSED  
Northern VCTs

Managed by NVM Private Equity in Newcastle, the three Northern VCTs are among the longest-running Venture Capital Trusts and have built up a strong investor following over the years, gaining a reputation for share offers that quickly sell out. The managers invest in a broad spread of businesses throughout the whole of the UK and have made 11 new VCT-qualifying investments since the rule changes in 2015. Investors will also be exposed to legacy assets consisting mainly of MBO investments.

Generalist - - - -   - CLOSED  
Octopus AIM & AIM 2 VCTs

This is a £30 million fundraise for the Octopus AIM VCT and Octopus AIM VCT 2 (together the Octopus AIM VCTs). Investors will have exposure to a well-established portfolio of maturing and profitable AIM companies plus earlier-stage businesses from newer investments.

AIM - - - -   - CLOSED  
Pembroke VCT

Pembroke's manager, Oakley Capital, is a long-established name in venture capital investing. This VCT is one of the few investing in growth-orientated companies. Investments are focused on scalable consumer brands; ones which investors can walk down the high street and see. This VCT is worthy of consideration.

Generalist 3p per share 5.5% 4.00% 1.5%   £700,000 / £20 million 2 Feb 2018 for early bird saving  
ProVen Growth & Income VCT

Beringea has a solid track record of investing in companies with good potential, particularly in digital media and consumer products, and supporting them until a profitable disposal can be achieved. We believe this is an offer worth considering.

Generalist - - - -   £3.4 million / £4.5 million CLOSED  
ProVen VCT

ProVen VCT is a well established VCT with close to £100 million of net assets and 44 companies in the portfolio – ranging from larger, more established companies to younger ones. New investors will benefit from this already diverse portfolio as well as new investments.

Generalist - - - Nil   £3.8 million / £4.5 million CLOSED  
Puma VCT 13

This limited life VCT aims to return capital after a defined period, investing in companies with assets or contractual revenue streams. Puma is highly experienced in the field of limited-life VCT management.

Limited Life 5p per share from year two 3.0% 1.0% 2.0%   £3 million / £30 million 5 Apr 2018  
Unicorn AIM VCT

Unicorn is a specialist smaller company fund manager. This VCT has been a consistent long-term performer. The managers look for companies with strong cash flows and potential to pay and grow dividends over time. This is a large, well-diversified VCT and is worthy of consideration.

AIM - - - -   - CLOSED  

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