EIS Investments

When you invest in young, small firms that qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) you could generate significant returns if the firm prospers. 

But that’s far from certain. Investing in this kind of business is risky and many will fail. Therefore, to encourage investment and to temper some of the risk, the government offers some very generous tax reliefs

  • Save up to 30% on your income tax bill – up to £300,000 per year (or £600,000 when investing in knowledge-intensive companies)
  • Very generous allowance – up to £1 million or £2 million if anything above £1 million is invested in knowledge-intensive companies
  • Enjoy tax-free growth
  • Defer capital gains from other investments – potentially indefinitely
  • Offset any future losses against your income, so you save income tax
  • Pass on your investment free of IHT 

Remember, tax rules can change and tax benefits depend on circumstances. 

See all our current EIS offers below – you can filter by type: fund or single company. If you're interested in an offer you don't see here, please get in touch

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Amberside Scientific EIS

A new EIS fund pairing Anglo Scientific’s technology expertise and company-building experience with Amberside Capital’s fund management.

Fund Technology 2x - £25,000 3 Apr 2020 (2pm) for cleared funds  
Arie Capital Technology EIS Fund Fund Technology 2x - £10,000 31 Mar 2020 for allotment in 2019/20  
Arrive UK Emerging Markets Tech RLC Ventures Fund 3 Fund Technology 2.6x - £25,000 Discretionary  
Blackfinch Ventures EIS Fund Fund Technology 5x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Boundary Capital AngelPlus EIS

EIS and SEIS hybrid fund. Invests alongside business angels in early-stage, high growth potential companies carrying high investment risk. The co-investment model has benefits, and the individuals involved have strong credentials.

Fund Various 25% per annum - £20,000 Discretionary  
British Design Fund 2 EIS/SEIS Fund Consumer 3x - £10,000 31 Mar 2020  
Calculus EIS Fund

Calculus Capital has been at the forefront of EIS investing for years, having created the UK’s first approved EIS Fund in 1999. This offer focuses on established businesses with growth potential and will be typically split between eight to ten investments.

Fund Various 2.5x - £50,000 24 Apr 2020 for next allotment  
Committed Capital Growth EIS Fund Fund Technology 2-3x - £15,000 31 Mar 2020 for allotment in 2019/20  
Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS

The Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS offers an opportunity to invest in a selected portfolio of healthcare innovation companies, whilst taking advantage of the EIS tax benefits.

Fund Life sciences 1.7x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS

Invests across various technology sectors, including energy, medical and business enterprise software. Transparent – investors can see which underlying companies they will be invested in. Targets a return of £1.60 per £1 invested and should be viewed as at the upper end of the risk scale.

Fund Technology 1.6x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Downing Ventures EIS

Downing's growth-focused Ventures EIS aims to invest into a portfolio of technology businesses.

Fund Technology Unspecified - £15,000 Discretionary  
Earthworm EIS

Environmental EIS fund that invests in businesses focused on processing organic waste (food, garden, wood and/or water waste).

Fund Environmental 2x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Edition EIS

Leisure EIS focusing on experiences

Fund Leisure 2x - £25,000 Discretionary  
EMV Capital Evergreen EIS

EIS focused on the industrial high-tech, energy, resource efficiency and smart cities sectors

Fund Environmental Technology 3x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Foresight Williams Technology EIS

Foresight Group has joined forces with Williams Advanced Engineering: the result is the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. The fund invests into early-stage, unquoted companies that are developing disruptive technology and pioneering innovations, which can benefit from Williams’ technical, engineering and commercial expertise.

Fund Technology Unspecified - £10,000 Discretionary  
Great Point Ventures EIS Fund Fund Media 2x - £10,000 30 Apr 2020  
Guinness AIM EIS

The Guinness AIM EIS is the only EIS portfolio currently dedicated to AIM-quoted EIS-qualifying companies. It aims to deploy investors’ capital within twelve months.

Fund AIM 1.3x - £20,000 6 Apr 2020  
Imperial College Innovation Fund (EIS) Fund University spinouts - - £25,000 Limited capacity  
Ingenious Infrastructure Ventures EIS Fund Infrastructure 2x - £10,000 30 June 2020  
Jenson EIS Fund

Jenson's first SEIS first fund was launched soon after the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme was introduced in 2012. This latest EIS fund offers a mixture of new technology investments and follow-on funding into companies previously backed by Jenson SEIS and EIS funds.

Fund Technology 1.85x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Mercia EIS Fund

Mercia EIS Fund invests in early-stage technology and life sciences, seeking to commercialise developments from industry and spin-outs from 19 UK universities. It has a focus on the Midlands, the North of England and Scotland.

Fund Technology & life sciences 3x - £25,000 30 Sep 2020  
Nexus Investments Scale-Up EIS Fund

A new fund from the Nexus team, which has a five-year track record in venture investing. Looks for EIS qualifying companies across four sectors: education, healthy eating, data and digital.

Fund Data & Education 2.5x - £25,000 31 Mar 2020 for next allotment  
o2h Therapeutics EIS/SEIS Fund Fund Life sciences 2.5x - £25,000 Discretionary  
Oxford Technology EIS/SEIS Fund Fund Technology Unspecified - £15,000 Discretionary  
Seneca EIS Portfolio Service

This EIS service invests in later stage, established growth orientated businesses. Each will typically have an annual turnover in the region of £5 million. It is likely investors will invest in a spread of unquoted and AIM listed businesses.

Fund Various 1.6x - £25,000 Discretionary  
Side By Side Later Stage EIS Fund Fund Technology 3.7x - £25,000 Discretionary  
Startup Funding Club EIS Fund

This fund does what the name suggests: it invests in UK start ups, alongside its network of business angels. It has shown encouraging signs to date, although past performance is not a guide to the future.

Fund Technology 2.5x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Station12 EIS/SEIS Fund Fund Media 2.5x - £10,000 Discretionary  
Symvan Technology EIS Fund

Symvan focuses on ‘post-seed’ financing: companies too large for angel investors, but too small for lower/mid-market funds.

Fund Technology 2.85x - £20,000 30 Mar 2020 for allotment in 2019/20  
UK Creative Content EIS Fund Fund Media 2x - £10,000 24 Apr 2020 for next allotment  
University of Bristol Enterprise Fund

Managed by Parkwalk with the University of Bristol Research and Enterprise Development Division (RED) acting as Portfolio Advisor, the University of Bristol Enterprise Fund offers investment opportunities in scientific and technological spin-outs emerging from the University.

Fund University spinouts - - - Coming soon  
University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund VII

Launched in 2012, the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund offers Cambridge alumni and investors opportunities to invest in early-stage science and technology companies as they spin out of Cambridge University.

Fund University spinouts - £250,000 sought £25,000 Limited capacity  
Vala EIS Portfolio Fund Various 2x - £25,000 30 Mar 2020 for cleared funds  
Velocity Technology EIS Fund Technology 2.5x - £25,000 3 Apr 2020 for allotment in 2019/20  
Azoomee EIS

EIS scale-up opportunity - limited capacity

Single company Education & Technology - £1.5 million / £1.5 million - CLOSED    
Fast2Fibre EIS

Fast2Fibre has developed patented technology for upgrading broadband copper cabling. It can reduce costs and time by 80% compared to conventional methods and does not require big holes to be dug up, limiting disruption to the minimum. The technology has been trialled by telecom operators, including BT's Openreach and Liberty Global, and expects to sign its first two contracts shortly. Fast2Fibre is raising £1.5 million under EIS to support growth and help deliver on these contracts.

Single company Technology - - - CLOSED    
Just Move In EIS

Just Move In is a concierge service for home movers. It takes care of all move-related admin and finds movers the best utility and broadband deal

Single company Consumer - £1 million / £1 million - CLOSED    
Visionable EIS

This EIS gives you an opportunity to invest in Visionable, which has developed what it believes to be the first video collaboration platform for healthcare. This offer is arranged by West Hill Capital.

Single company Healthcare & Technology - £8 million / £8 million - CLOSED    

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