EIS Investments

When you invest in young, small companies that qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) you could generate significant returns if the company prospers. 

But that’s far from certain. Investing in this kind of business is risky and many will fail. Therefore, to encourage investment and to temper some of the risk, the government offers generous EIS tax reliefs

  • Save up to 30% on your income tax bill – up to £300,000 per year (or £600,000 when investing in knowledge-intensive companies)
  • Very generous allowance – up to £1 million (or £2 million if anything above £1 million is invested in knowledge-intensive companies)
  • Enjoy tax-free growth
  • Defer capital gains from other investments – potentially indefinitely
  • Offset any future losses against your income, so you save income tax
  • Pass on your investment free of IHT 

Remember, tax rules can change and tax benefits depend on circumstances. 

See all our current EIS offers below. You can filter by type: fund, or single company. If you're interested in an offer you cannot see here, please get in touch

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British Robotics Scale-Up Fund

The British Robotics Scale-Up Fund looks to invest in the most promising companies from the British Robotics SEIS Funds in the manager’s view. This offer will target businesses operating purely within the UK robotics sector, with a particular emphasis on automation technology.

Fund Technology 3x - £10,000 30 Sep 2024  
Calculus EIS Fund

Seeks later-stage businesses with growth potential in the technology, healthcare and entertainment sectors.

Fund Various 2x - £25,000 26 Apr 2024  
Foresight WAE Technology EIS

Foresight Group has joined forces with WAE, a spinout of Williams Grand Prix Engineering. The fund invests into early-stage, unquoted companies that can benefit from WAE's technical, engineering and commercial expertise.

Fund Technology Not specified - £10,000 28 Jun 2024  
Haatch EIS Fund

The fund is managed by four successful entrepreneurs, who have between them founded, grown and sold businesses worth over $150 million.

Fund Technology 10x - £20,000 31 May 2024  
Praetura EIS Growth Fund

EIS fund targeting regional businesses in the North, focusing on technology and healthcare

Fund Technology 2x - £25,000 30 Apr 2024  
Seneca AIM EIS Fund

Fund focused exclusively on AIM-quoted growth-orientated businesses, targeting an exit in 4-5 years – not guaranteed.

Fund Various 1.5x - £15,000 Discretionary  
Startup Funding Club Angel Fund EIS

This EIS fund looks to make follow-on investments in the most promising seed companies previously backed by SFC

Fund Technology 3x - £10,000 28 Jun 2024  
British Design Fund 5 EIS/SEIS

An EIS/SEIS portfolio that invests in the product design and manufacturing sectors.

Fund Consumer - - - CLOSED    
Calculus Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund II

Knowledge intensive EIS fund seeking later-stage businesses with growth potential in the technology and healthcare sectors.

Fund Various 2x - - CLOSED    
Fuel Ventures Follow-on EIS Fund

This fund seeks to provide follow-on funding to what Fuel Ventures considers to be the strongest performing companies from its SEIS and Scale-up EIS funds.

Fund Technology 5x - - CLOSED    
Guinness AIM EIS

Fund focused on AIM-quoted EIS-qualifying companies, aiming to deploy investors’ capital within twelve months.

Fund AIM - - - CLOSED    
MMC Ventures EIS Fund

The MMC EIS Fund focuses on technology-enabled businesses. For instance, it invests in financial and business services, digital media, ecommerce and software solutions for business.

Fund Technology - - - CLOSED    
Octopus Ventures EIS Service

EIS offering from the manager of Octopus Titan VCT. The Octopus Ventures team invests in some of the UK’s fastest-growing private technology companies.

Fund Technology - - - CLOSED    
Octopus Ventures Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund 23/24

Knowledge-intensive EIS fund managed by one of the UK’s leading venture capital teams. Because of the ‘KI approved fund’ structure, the investment date for income tax relief should fall in the current tax year.

Fund Technology - - - CLOSED    
Par Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund II

The second knowledge intensive EIS fund from Par Equity, focusing on technology companies predominantly in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England.

Fund Technology - - - CLOSED    
Parkwalk Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund III

Knowledge-intensive (KI) approved EIS fund from Parkwalk, looking to back patented technology with commercial potential coming out of UK universities. The fund offers tax relief in 2023/24 with the option to carry back to 2022/23.

Fund University spinouts - - - CLOSED    
Peppercorn AI EIS

InsurTech company that has created an AI conversational platform for insurers

Single company Technology - - - CLOSED    

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